Steffen Lohrer Stiftung


The Steffen Lohrer Foundation, founded in 2012 and based in Heidelberg, supports people and projects in the fields of holistic medicine and personal growth. The human being is seen as a holistic being. Therefore it is important that healing also takes place simultaneously on the levels of body, mind and soul.

One purpose of the foundation is to support projects and methods for lasting inner serenity. According to studies by the WHO, over 85% of illnesses are caused by stress in everyday life because it weakens the immune system. Stress can be neutralized by conscious living, by using relaxation techniques and by dealing with one's own personality and injuries from the past. The personal, inner growth and the positive development of consciousness contribute significantly to a sustainable health.

A further purpose is the promotion of holistic, natural or alternative healing methods or the education and consultation about complementary treatment methods. Many encouraging testimonies from therapists and patients, medical case documentation and scientific studies show that there are very successful additional approaches to healing complementary to conventional medicine. But often the affected persons and their relatives lack the necessary information, good quality contacts and financial means to take this chance. There is also little money available for comprehensive, scientific studies.

History of origins

In 2004, I developed with my company Steinbeis Consulting Mergers & Acquisitions GmbH (acquisition and sale of companies) the philosophy of sharing our good fortune and, out of gratitude for successfully completed projects, using 10% of our profits to support those people who are not on the sunny side of life. In the meantime, we have been able to help several thousand people.

With the organisation of about 30 summer camps, in which more than 500 seriously chronically ill children and also adults took part, very profound progress could be achieved through holistic healing methods (over 80% improvement in health and even some complete cures). After this success I decided to establish my foundation for holistic medicine and personal growth in 2012 and to provide it with sufficient capital stock. The purpose of the foundation is to provide support in the cases mentioned above. One hundred percent of each additional donation is used to finance these projects.

Steffen Lohrer,
August 2012